Moral Stories
The Thief and his Mother
Once their lived a boy called Ramu. One day he stole a book from one of his classmates. Instead of punishing him his mother well appreciated him. She said, “That was so clever my boy”. As he grew older and older Ramu came to be known as the village thief. One day the police caught him and he was ordered to be hanged. The day of his execution arrived, and his mother was beating her hands in her chest and was crying. Ramu saw his mother crying in the crowd. He pleaded to the securities to allow him to speak his last words to his mother in her ear.

Then his mother showed his ear to Ramu so that he can speak. Ramu then bit his mother’s ear. Many of the people came and pushed him back and asked him if she was his mother or not. Then he replied, “ that lady is my mother, because of her I am going to be hanged now. When I was small I did mischief, without punishing me she encouraged me to do it again and again. I was an unnatural child and so my mother”.
MORAL: Spare the rod and spoil the child.
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